Great Savings When Shopping for Clothes

Hello peeps! How's life going on? I hope everything is  doing great.  I am fine despite some little challenges the past days. Challenges are spices of life so we need to live with it.
shirt for my brother that was on sale.

I had an appointment last Wednesday in the Chamber of Commerce in Regensburg. Instead of driving it myself, I decided to take the train  to save some money and avoid stress in driving.

After my appointment,  I still have enough time to go sightseeing or go shopping. I decided to go to the nearest mall in the train station. It is called the Arcaden (Arcade). There is an overpass from the train station to the mall which is really very accessible.

The interior of Arcaden in Regensburg, Germany.
I went first to an Asian restaurant to take my lunch. After that, I went to an electronic shop inside the mall. I need a new mouse and I am faster in browsing the internet if I am using it.

I  guess this is the highlight of my shopping escapade. I went first to New Yorker. Its is a store that sells all kinds of clothing and accessories for men, women and children.  It is winter sale now and most and maybe all of the shops in Germany are having this kind of promotion.

When I went inside the store, I started looking for clothing that are on sale. Indeed, I found a lot. These  are perfect as presents when I go home in my homeland this spring season.  I only want to buy around 10 shirts and blouses but since I found a lot that are on sale, I decided to buy 25  pieces of assorted  shirts, blouses  and  pants. I told myself, wow! I only got it for 2.95 Euros and some are even 1.00 Euro each. The original prices  ranges from 6.95 Euros to 16.95 Euros and I only bought it very cheap.

For sure, my family will be happy for these stuffs that I bought for them. What is little money if you make people happy especially your family.

If you want to save money when you go shopping, watch out for sale items. Whether it is for your own use, your friends or family, why not  buy items that are on sale and save money! I am indeed a happy shopper after all those savings I got.

Cheers and happy shopping to you!

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