Shopping for Winter Clothes at the Mall

Shopping can sometimes cure the sickness of millions of ladies out there! This can probably be the sickness of being bored, depressed or being lonesome. Believed it or not but this is true! I already heard a lot of stories from about these from my friends and acquaintances. I admit I do the same.

I am glad that I seldom go to the mall for the past weeks. Last Thursday, I received a call from a friend, inviting me to go with her at the mall. Since I was preparing for lunch that time, I told her if she can stop-by for lunch and after that we will drive to the mall in the next city.

winter clothes and accessories in one of the stores at the mall we went to.

In short, we were already at the mall. We went to many stores in that mall looking for items that are on sale. I was telling myself not to get tempted to buy anything except for winter clothes and accessories. We went to Mango, H & M, C & A, Orsay, Bench, Betty Barclay, and some other shops but I did not find anything that fits my budget..haha!

Finally, during our last stop at the New Yorker, I found some things that interest me. They are not really winter clothes but I bought some blouses that are on sale. Ooopps, I actually bought one sweater which is perfect during this coming winter season.

I was looking for some branded winter jackets but I did not find anything that are on sale. Not a big deal because I already bought two winter jackets last month. They are not really branded ones or got no names at all but they are of good quality and will also keep you warm during winter season.

I and my friend had fun during that shopping escapades at the mall. Oh well, she actually told me that she is already so bored at home for almost three weeks now. The reason why she called me to go out  shopping at the mall.

It was an enjoyable day with her and the weather was perfect  with blue sky and sunshine! I am so thankful!

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