Shopping for New Plates for a New Kitchen

I guess a new kitchen deserves new set of plates. I am happy that we finally replaced our dilapidated kitchen with a new one. It was totally dismantled and now I am happily using it.

As one of my friends invited me to go with her shopping for kitchenware and cooking utensils in Solingen, Germany, I did not hesitated and immediately  agreed to go. It was already the  chance to buy quality kitchen utensils.

Set of porcelain plates from Solingen, Germany.
One of the items I bought  is this set of new porcelain plates.  It is square in form and I love the decors on it. It is also not so heavy  compared to stone or ceramic plates. I find it perfect for our red colored-kitchen. Yes,  we have a red kitchen and I decided to have  it that way.   This set of plates has a total of 24 items in a box.  For a very low price, I did not hesitated to buy it. It  cost under $50.00 and of good quality. I believed  it was a great choice!

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