How I Got 600 Euros While Shopping for Cellphones

This is quite tough but I finally decided to get  new  smartphones. I am not really a frequent cellphone user but getting a smartphone is more an advantage for me especially when I travel.

I remember a friend who also got an Iphone for free but she has to pay around 60.00 Euros every month for a two years contract.  Sending messages and calling  to  another cellphones are unlimited. I was telling her that there are other companies who are also offering cheaper monthly charges. She still insisted to get the Iphone and have to pay 60.00 euros a month. If she is calling a landline, she will also be charged extra for it.

Last week, I was browsing a website who are offering various  promos on cellphones and smartphones. It is actually base on contract.  For example at the moment I did my smartphone contract with them, I will get for  free  2 Samsung smartphones  model C3310R,  600.00 Euros in cash and  free shipping  on all of the  items. For each smartphone, I must pay 10.00 every month for the first year. For the second year, it will cost 16.95 monthly. With this one, I will also get 15 minutes SMS and 15 minutes call for free each month. I believed this is not too bad because I seldom use my  phone.

I decided to get it because the good offer. You  are given 600.00 Euros in cash and two  smartphones for free and the monthly charges are not so expensive. I am not really a frequent cellphone user and just need it during emergency or when I travel.  20.00 Euros every month for two smartphones is not so heavy in the pocket.

Today, I received a message from the company that  it is already in transit thur DHL. I am quite excited with my new smatphone, although I already have an Iphone 4.  Besides, the offer is really great.

I  am quite excited with my new travel gadget!

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