5 pieces of technology you need when travelling to Sydney

Most travelers today carry some technology with them as they bounce around the world. Others may not carry any technology at all – it all depends on their needs. When visiting Sydney – one of the most exciting cities in the southern hemisphere – no matter for business or for pleasure, you should be prepare for all the city has to offer. Remember to pack these gadgets below, which will help you get the most out of your trip Down Under.

A computer for your needs

A laptop might be one of the most important pieces of technology to pack when travelling in another city. It is the easiest method to work from the road, stay in touch and back up your photos. A thin and light laptop is a good choice, but meanwhile you need to consider its battery life, storage space and cost, as well as whether it has a SD card slot – an SD card slot is a definite must when you need to transfer the photos from camera into the laptop.


One big concern people have with bringing laptops abroad is that the battery may not last that long or that their laptop will be stolen – plus, a laptop is a heavy thing! If you do not need to do tons of work, it might be worth bringing or investing in a tablet. A smaller, lighter, cheaper device with better battery life, a tablet is also a good reading device and you can also store TV shows and movies on it for the road.

E-book reader

Incredibly small and light, an E-book reader can store hundreds of books, travel guides and whatever information you might need on the road. Compared with a tablet, the Kindle is cheaper, smaller and lighter, with a battery lasting for weeks, which makes it the best gadget for storing information on the road.

An unlocked smartphone

A smart phone has obviously become an indispensable piece of travel technology, which stores all of your photos, apps and entertainment. However, many of our phone devices are locked to the provider we are on, which can cause problems when you’re travelling to Sydney and want to use the internet. Bring an unlocked phone, then invest in a pre-paid SIM card in Sydney (Vodafone’s is cheap for travelers) and take advantage of much cheaper calling and data rates.

Also, to avoid extra costs overseas, install some travel apps and bookmark some useful websites before coming to Sydney. Some hotels also provide practical information about the local attractions, events and entertainment, such as Cambridge Hotel’s website (

Power and voltage adapters

The official voltage for Australia and New Zealand is 240 volts with most electrical goods operating at around 220-240 volt mark. Both countries operate on the same 3 pronged outlet. Of course you can purchase an adapter specifically for Australia. But more practically, if you are travelling a lot, a package of adapters that includes plugs that work anywhere in the world is highly recommended.

Yuan Liu is a freelancer who currently lives in Sydney. She finds it impossible to travel without technology these days, especially for a journalist.

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