Top 5 Sports-Related Fashion Trends

Sports fashion has come a long way from the old sweat pants and baggy T-shirts. The evolution of sports chic continues in 2013 with fashion ideas that every sports fan can embrace. With a look at sport themed offerings from designers like Alexander Wang, Donna Karan and Jeremy Scott for women, and Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani for men; here are the top 5 upcoming sports fashion trends for 2013:

Clean Minimal Lines

Clean minimal lines with clear silhouettes are achieved through sleek bodysuits and sports bras. That utilizes the ultra flexible and comfortable stretch fabrics for sports with an eye to accentuating the body's natural shape without embellishments. The bodysuits and sports bras of 2013 will provide the stylistic base to build your look upon with your own specific tastes in accessories.

White as the Base Color

White as the base color of choice with occasional bright block of color to accent shape and design. With white being the neutral foundation, your ensemble can be accented with any other color to accent as you wish. Stunning whether it is a golf outfit with navy blue accents or a tennis dress with a white bodice and hot pink v-neck hems. White gives the look of health and athleticism without any effort.

High Fashion Tailoring

High fashion tailoring of dresses and suits is popular, especially if they are accented by traditional sports accessories such as fitted hats and sporty footwear. Fitted hats such as baseball caps have moved beyond the average Joe to join the runways as fashion forward accessories for the sport chic look. From the minimalist hat designs with urban dresses to the accessory of choice for Rapper heavyweights like Kanye West, blending of high end clothing with sport accessories are becoming the norm.

Meshed Luxury Garments

2013 will bring many luxury garments intercut with plenty of mesh elements to create that sporty feel. Look out for mesh skirts with tennis outfits, mesh sleeves, mesh side panels on shirts, mesh overdresses and leggings. Both as a functional element and a fashion statement, mesh is a great way to get the sport style in any kind of outfit and create extra comfort in hot weather to boot.

Cutaway Design Features

Cutaway design features for showing off midriffs and legs - showing off the confidence of the 2013 woman. With or without mesh, you will see traditional shirt cuts intersected with cutaway sections to give sexy glimpse of the sporty body beneath. Everything from cutaway blouses to cut away boots will combine with the other sportswear to make a breathtaking look that will capture the imagination of both the wearer and viewer of these new sports fashion trends.

So don't wait, pull out your favorite baseball fitted hats, hook them up with your sleekest little black stretchy dress and pull on your high heeled sneakers. Fashion like this is destined for both comfort and fun - enjoy it.

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