Shops and Shopping Streets of Amsterdam

"9 streets"
Amsterdam is a wild place to be. Parties, concerts and even museums are truly impressive. And of course shopping here is unforgettable; the most happening place for shopping is a “9 streets” street. Just in 5 minutes from Dam Square you will stand in front of numerous shops, boutiques, bars and cafes like Banica where you can rest before the next shopping race.

Those who like unusual things will find an unprecedented range of vintage and modern clothing, including little-known but noteworthy brands. Local second-hand shops can sometimes unearth truly rare thing.

A store selling souvenirs in Amsterdam during my visit last summer 2010.

If someone talks about Vivienne Westwood and Dexter Wong it is not for nothing, the famous Dutch designer clothes stores are waiting for their fans at the corner of Heydenstrat and Keizersgracht. Shoe lovers will also find something extravagant. After all, what you have on your feet - is a key not only to your beauty but also for your health.

And, of course, do not forget that shopping in Amsterdam is inconceivable without a visit to the erotic shops. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, a tour to sex shops in the city will be unforgettable.

Jewelry and cosmetics stores depend on the solvency and fantasy of a costumer as there is literally everything one girl could look for. Those who are into culinary masterpieces can shop at Restrat. You won’t leave the place without a Spanish pottery pan.

Kalverstraat is a noisy street with countless stores clustered on well-known brands. But in reality it is no different from other shopping districts, except that there are more people.

A shopping street in Amsterdam. I did went shopping there!
If you are bored with the usual shopping, this area is what you need. Huge selection of truly unconventional and unusual things waits for customers in 230 stores. These stores are full of fresh and original ideas, designer clothing from unknown designers, accessories, gifts and toys. And don’t forget to buy Dutch clogs- must buy souvenir in Holland.

This street is competing with the Kalverstraat and the area "9 streets" to be called the largest shopping area in Amsterdam, but so far is holding a landslide bronze. The highlight of this street will be enjoyed by creative housewives. You will find kitchen lounge where you can purchase beautiful designer’s pastry and home clothes.

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