Shops Open On Sunday in Neumarkt

Good evening guys! I am quite tired today. I did some cleaning in the house and also other household chores. I am happy to know that on Sunday, some shops in Neumarkt will be opened. Normally most shops in Germany are closed during Sundays except those that are in big cities. We can finally shop for some plasma tvs, digicam and computers. I also found out that Tevi, an electronic shop is offering a promo. You can buy a certain stuff and the payment will be made on May 2013. That is quite a good idea. We will see what we can find there on Sunday. I will be having a busy weekend. Tomorrow, we will be out the whole day for some sightseeing. I just wish you all a great weekend! take care guys!

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RennyBA said...

Wishing you a great weekend too and happy shopping :-)

Btw: Thanks for your Birthday comments!

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