It's Tea Time

I just finished my daily ceremony every morning which is drinking green tea match with a toasted bread with white cheese on it. At the same time, I was also listening to the radio and browsing the daily newspaper which is delivered every morning in our mailbox. The first thing I looked in the newspaper were the travel deals for Rome and Amsterdam. I did find some cheap ones but I still have to convince dear HB about it. I know he won't drive to Rome or Amsterdam either because it is such a long way. He was also thinking for some emergencies that might happened on the road while driving there. For those who are driving their rv's when traveling, I guess you don't need to worry with it anymore because an rv repair team will help you about it. I wish I can travel with our own rv next time. I am dreaming again guys. I guess it is better to slowly prepare for lunch now. Have a wonderful day. For those friends who are in the winter zone, stay warm and happy!

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