Just Took off Our Christmas Tree

Good morning peeps! I guess you won't believe me but I am honestly telling you that I just took off our little Christmas tree yesterday. Imagine that! Well, I was away from home for almost three months to spend a vacation in the Philippines. I just came back last weekend. I am finally done with clearing and packaging those Christmas stuffs. I put some of the Christmas decors in promotional tote bags and I need quite a lot. We have more space now in our small living room. I know my stuffs and home collections made this room smaller. I hope to win the lottery to build a bigger living room. We still have some space outside for extension and we are already planning for it in the near future. Happy Wednesday!


Mary Bergfeld said...

Ruby, I hope your vacation was wonderful. The tree, by the way, was beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Ebie said...

Psst, Ruby, chadaha gud nimo 3 months kaayo imong bakasyon!