First Spending for 2013

Happy New Year 2013! I hope you  had (especially if you are living in Asia) or,  are having a  wonderful first  day of 2013. I had a  good day but only felt sad after I read a  not so good news from my homeland. Thanks God that it is not really that bad.  My father is currently confine  in a hospital. I hope and pray that everything will be fine soon.

Back to the  main topic.. Did you had your first spending during the first day  of the year? Last night, my friend invited me to go with her in an Asian store.  I did not declined  her invitation. In short, we drove there this afternoon.  The store was closed but since we know the owner, we ended up buying some grocery stuffs.  First, the store owner invited us  for a coffee. She also prepared some food and I ended up eating my first lunch in her house.

After  the chit-chatting, story-telling  and conversations, we went to to her store to buy  some grocery stuffs. I ended  up buying a pack of  fish and some chips.  My first spending  for  January 1, 2013  was 12.00 Euros. I believed it is not so bad.

This year, I  will try my best to practice   frugality. I want to  ask the question,  "Do I need this this"?, before buying a certain thing. In terms of buying  food and grocery stuffs, I will buy only those that are enough for our consumptions.  This means that as much as possible, no more throwing of food this year.

One of my new year's resolution is to spend money wisely  and with frugality.

Have a wonderful and more fruitful New Year 2013 to everyone!

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