Travel Plan and Tips

I believed, I can't deny it that I love to travel. I guess you can see it in my other travel blogs. I shared a lot of travel images in those blogs for you to see. It has been my dream to travel in different cities and countries around the world. Sometimes financial matters always hinders me from doing so. What can you expect from a Stay at Home Wife? Finding a job nowadays is quite difficult for me especially in the country where I presently live wherein my education and work experiences are not recognized. At least, I am enjoying my life being a SAHW and I have all the basic things that I need.

Before I travel, I always see to it that there is a travel plan or itinerary that best fit to my budget. I believed that we have to consider first our budget when traveling. The second thing we have to consider is the place to stay. That is finding a cheap hotel or apartment to stay. With regards to planning your travel, Web Articles is one of the good place to visit because they offer tips and information regarding travel. I even find their articles very informative for me as a traveler. These are just the basic but also the most important tips to do when planning for a trip or vacation. I suggest that you visit their site for more relevant information.

I finally have the chance to upload this travel image of mine. I have been writing this post for eternity already because I have a problem in uploading my travel image. I am sharing a photo below from one of my trips in Europe. This was taken in Prague last September 2008.


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Sus. Kanindot gyod diay diha sa Europe, no? Daghang nindot nga mga lugar nga pwedeng kasuroyan... :)

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