Cool Stuffs for Give-Away

I did mentioned last Monday in my other blog that I went grocery shopping. I also went to a store who develops pictures from digital camera or film camera. I found out that they are also offering other services like making customized t-shirt, mugs, key holders, photo albums and a lot more. One thing I discovered in that shop, the prices are quite expensive compared to the site I visited yesterday.

I stumbled at Cafe Press yesterday wherein they offer customized sports tshirts for as low as $9.00 depending on your style and design. I also found out they also have a lot of customized products to choose from. Whether you want it as gifts to your love ones or as presents or give-away for a special occasion, you can have anything you wish. One thing I like about this site is that their prices are very competitive and their products and services varies depending on your needs. It is quite interesting.

I am even thinking of starting a t-shirt company if ever we will be going back for good in the Philippines. I will see what will happen in the future. For now, I just want to relax a little bit. I am not feeling good again due to back pain. Enjoy your Friday folks!


Viola said...

Exiting thoughts, about a t-shirt company.. T-shirts with my own photos on I should be pleased to wear..! :)

Viola said...

And - I forgot to say: Of course you deserve it!! :)