Hubby's Dream Car

Sunshine is coming again! I guess the weather don't know exactly what he have to do today. Just a moment ago, it was raining and now the sun is shining again. Anyway, I want to share something today. It is not about floor mats but we might need some when hubby buys his new car hopefully this year. Last weekend we went sightseeing in Upper Palatinate. As hubby was driving, I asked him why is he is going another way. The reason was, he want to stop at a car dealer who is selling his dream car. The one you see in the picture is hubby's favorite one among the models from this car. I also love this model and the style is also perfect for me. The car cost around 16,000 Euros including all car accessories. If hubby will be buying this car, we can also shop for some accessories online. I found some Dacia car accessories at Carid. They carry everything you need in terms of vehicles and car accessories. I found very well designed floor mats in this site. Are you looking to have a new identity for your car? Your welcome to visit this site!

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