Shopping for Winter Clothing

Winter is around the corner. In fact in our area in Bavaria, Germany, it was already snowing last Saturday, October 27, 2012. It was so far the earliest snow I experience in this region. Anyway, since winter is almost coming (I guess it is already here), it is time to check again our winter clothes and accessories.

I went shopping with a friend last week in Donau Einkaufzentrum (Danube Shopping Mall in English) in Regensburg, a city in Bayern or Bavaria. You can already see a lot of winter stuffs from jackets to pants, hand gloves, stockings, winter boots and shoes, scarfs, and what else? Everything is simply in this mall. That is why I also love shopping here.

I already shopped for some winter fleece jackets  for me and hubby. I got four  for hubby  and the two hoodies will be my presents to him this coming Christmas.  We will come back on Friday to get   the winter booties that we reserved.

I am looking some of the winter jackets here. I already have a lot but I guess I will wait until, it will be on sale.

I love the colors of these   shoes. I already have a light brown and dark brown and I want the two of these??lolz!

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