Today is a Leap Day

Don't you know that today is called a Leap Day? I believed most of you know that February 29, 2012 is a leap day. It is simply because 2012 is a leap year. Before I forgot, let me take the chance to greet all birthday celebrants for today since their birthday only happens every four years. I believed this day is very special for those who are celebrating their natal day. Of course they can still celebrate their birthdays even when it is not a leap year. The only thing is, they have to choose either February 28 or March 1 or any day they wish to celebrate their birthdays.

Special birthday greetings to my former bank colleague, Nelrose. I can still remember that day in 1994 when I first started to work in one of the biggest bank in the Philippines and met awesome colleagues including Nelrose. There was a birthday party at the bank because it was her birthday. I wish all birthday celebrants today a happy and blessed one. All the best to all of you and may God showered all His blessings to you all!

Back to the main topic..In Gregorian calendar, February 29 is known as a leap day. It is a date that occurs only every four year like in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016. You have to know that years that are evenly divisible by 100 do not contain a leap day, with the exception of years that are evenly divisible by 400, which do contain a leap day; thus 1900 did not contain a leap day while 2000 did.

I hope you are all having a wonderful month of February. Lastly, I want to wish everyone a more bountiful and blessed month of March!

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how's your leap day. Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)