Countdown to Spain

It seems that the last weekend of February is about to end. I hope you are having a lovely one and currently enjoying the last hours of the weekend. I believed I do despite being so busy with a lot of things especially doing offline jobs. It is challenging for me.

I was reminded today of my countdown to Spain when I received an email from Iberia airlines reminding me that there are changes in my flight schedule. After checking it and confirming of the new schedule, I guess I am good with it now. In fact I already started to pack my luggage today. There are still some things I need and I am good to go.

14 days more and I will be visiting Spain again. There are a lot of things I miss in that country...the food, the travel experiences, the fun, etcetera. I hope this time, I have more chance to explore especially Madrid, its capital city. This is not really a full travel but at the same time I will be working for sometime to partially finance my trip. I am quite excited with it. I know I will be learning some things in this trip. I also agree that I will have the chance to know more about the the culture, customs and traditions of the Spaniards since I will be staying there for 6 long weeks. Let's see what life would bring me there. I am quite sure I will be gaining more experiences not only with the country itself but the people as well.

I am wishing myself a good luck! Have a nice week in advance to everyone!

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain during our trip last December 2011.

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