The Ruins of Ephesus in Turkey

This is so far one of the best and preserved historical ruins I saw and experience. The ruins of Ephesus in Aegean part of Turkey is one of the major tourist attractions in this country. The archeological sites in Ephesus is huge and truly very impressing. It is located near Selcuk. We had a bus trip that time so we don't need to walk from from any hotels or places nearby. It is around 4 km walk from Selcuk. Our tourist guide who speaks German knows a lot about this site. Sad to say, I don't have much time listening to him because I was busy taking pictures. I bought a book about Ephesus and from it I knew was to read about the history of this former Greek city.

Below is the image of Kurets street in Ephesus, also called as Efes in Turkish. This was taken during our 8-days trip last September 2011.

The Kurets Street starts from Prytaneion, passes the Domitian square and goes until the Celsus library.

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Viola said...

Oh this I like very much, ruins! :) Beautiful! :)