The Beautiful Cathedral of Seville, Spain

This is one of the biggest Cathedrals I entered in Europe. The cathedral in Seville, Spain is an amazing work of architecture. It is also bigger that the one in Cologne, Germany. Also called as The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See (Spanish: Catedral de Santa María de la Sede), this cathedral is a is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Seville (Andalusia, Spain). It is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world.

It was truly a great experience seeing such wonder of human art and architecture.

exterior of Seville Cathedral

The cathedral was built to demonstrate Seville's wealth, as it had become a major trading center in the years after the Reconquista in 1248. In July 1401 it was decided to build a new temple, as the ancient Muslim mosque was in bad shape after a 1356 earthquake. According to the oral tradition of Seville, the decision of members of the chapter was: "Let a church so beautiful and so great that those who see it built will think we were mad". According to the minutes of that day, the new church should be: "a work such as good, which like no other." Construction began in 1402; it continued until 1506. Church workers gave half their salaries to pay for architects, builders and other expenses. wikipedia.

the beautiful interior of the Cathedral during our visit last December 7, 2011.

Architectural description:
Architect(s) Alonso Martínez, Pedro Dancart, Carles Galtés de Ruan, Alonso Rodríguez
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Gothic
Groundbreaking 1401


Length 135 metres (443 ft)
Width 100 metres (330 ft)
Width (nave) 15 metres (49 ft)
Height (max) 42 metres (138 ft)
Spire(s) 1
Spire height 105 metres (344 ft)

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