Visit to Nuremberg's Christmas Market

It's TGIF again and it is almost ending in Europe. I guess you have a wonderful day today. Yes, I did! I am trying to remember how many times I was at Nuremberg's Christmas Market. Once, twice, thrice...I believed five times already. There were times when I go with my friends and one time that I was alone. There are just people who can't travel alone but I am happy to do it from time to time.

Our visit today in Nuremberg was another wonderful experience. This time I was with my friend's parents who are from San Francisco, California, USA. Another two friends were also with me. It was fun going around and do some sightseeing. As usual, there are a lot of people at the Christmas market which is currently held at the Hauptmarkt or Main Square, located just in front of the famous Frauenkirche or Church of Our Lady.

There are variety of goods and products from Christmas decors, arts and crafts, food and other souvenirs being sold in more that 180 wooden booths at Nuremberg's Christmas Market. I believed it is again another success this year for this event.

The Church of Our Lady in the background and some stalls at Nuremberg's Christmas Market.

if you feel cold, you can try to drink the so-called Gl├╝hwien or mulled wine to keep you warm.

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