A Walk on Sunny Autumn Day

It was so far a lovely day today. It was a stress-free Sunday. We had a two-hous walk in the afternoon since it was sunny. There was a blue sky when we started walking. As we were almost done with our walk, the sun slowly goes down. The weather was cold. It is normal during Autumn time in Germany. As long as you wear the right clothes for Autumn weather like what we have now, you will surely don't get cold.

It is always good to go walking from time to time. You don't only breath the fresh air but you also have a good view of the surroundings. I am thankful for this wonderful day today.

Before, I forget today is the first Sunday of Advent. We lit this morning our first Advent candle while taking our breakfast.

this is where we usually go walking. you will around hills and valleys, trees, bridges...simply seeing the beauty of nature.

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