The Parish Church in Ginatilan, Cebu

I had a conversation last week with my sister. She was asking if I am going home to Cebu in March next year to celebrate with them the Fiesta in Ginatilan. This is my Mother's home town and it is very famous for its annual patronal festival which is locally called Pista (came from the Spanish word fiesta).

I have here an image taken during my vacation last year. This is the St. Gregory the Great Parish Church. It has a baroque architecture and was built on February 2, 1829. The church is located at the heart of the town still stands lofty and dominates other structure. Ginatilan became a parish only in 1847, although the church was completed earlier.

Here is an image during my vacation last 2010. The answer to the question if I am going home next year? Probably if I will win in the!

The St. Gregory the Great Parish Church in Ginatilan, south of Cebu in the Philippines. Every March is annual festival in honor of the this Saint.

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