11.11.11 -Once In a Lifetime

This is truly once in a lifetime! Today is November 11, 2011. For short, 11.11.11. This day also means that there are 50 days remaining until the end of the year.

Around 6 in the evening, I was listening to a radio station here in Bavaria, Germany. The radio operator received a call from two persons who want to get married today. The couple to be requested Antenne Bayern (the name of the radio station) to help them contact the B├╝rgermeister or the Town Mayor of their place so that he will perform the wedding ceremony. Antenne Bayern was able to contact the mayor but at that moment he was still driving in the motorway. The bride and the groom to be also mentioned that all the paper works needed for a civil wedding are all prepared already.

The rest of the story, I don't know but I believed they were able to get married this evening with the help of Antenne Bayern.

This day is nothing special to me. I just started to put-up our Christmas tree. It is also the celebration of the Veterans Day for American People. Today is also the beginning of Fasching or Carnival in Germany. St. Martin's Day is also celebrated in Germany especially in the Bavarian region. Today is also a cold autumn time.

There were a lot of happenings that took place during this day for the past years and centuries. For example Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor was born during this day in 1050.

I am thankful that once in a life time, I am here during 11.11.11. Have a safe and wonderful weekend to all!

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