Wonderful Day At The Pinoy Summer Feast in Donaustauf

I finally had the chance to go online tonight. It was quite a busy day today but I still managed to attend the Filipino Summer Feast in Donaustauf near Regenburg. It is nice again to meet old and new friends and acquaintances especially fellow "kababayans". This is a word for "fellowmen". Thanks to facebook that I finally found my long lost friend Chato. It's been almost two years since I did not hear from her and I was so happy that I finally met her this afternoon. To make the story short, she invited me for this gathering.

We had fun during the festival. Foods were served including grilled meats, fried fish (which is the one I ordered), sodas, beers, cakes and pastries. The most exciting and enjoyable part was the different games and plays that they prepared.

I was again re-charged after the meeting especially with those old friends I met some years ago. Friendship can truly inspires us. Thanks to my dear friend Joy for coming with me in that gathering.

It was truly a wonderful day today and I am so thankful about it. I hope you had a good one too!

a statue in Donaustauf. The parking lot is near this statue and I took the chance to take a snapshot of it.

cakes, pastries and some Filipino sweets like Cassava cake, Palitaw, Kutsienta, binangkal, etc. were also served...good we still have some palitaw and cassava!

a so-called Pabitin play for kids and children...but later on the adults also entered the game..there are stuffs inside the small pack like candies and chocolates.

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