Sightseeing in San Remo, Italy

San Remo, also written as Sanremo is a city on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in north-western Italy. It is known as one of the best tourist destination in Italian Riviera. It is located near the border of France. No wonder it just took us some minutes to drive from Sanremo to Menton in France.

Our visit to this city was a very memorable one. We had a lot of fun during that time. We had a very good tour guide during our visit here. He pointed to us the Villa Nobel, the house of Alfred Nobel where he lived the last year of his life. Other sights we saw were the Sanremo Casino, the shopping district in this city and a lot more.

I would love to experience the sunset walk in my next visit. Here are few of the images I took during our visit last spring 2011.

a fountain in the city centre.

the shopping street with famous Italian designers.

you can always see clothes hanging on Italian windows...this is good in saving energy.

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