Ready for Landing

Another week is here. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It is not really so bad for me. I was only complaining of some migraine and backpain. Overall, it was a good one.

I should be done with this post but I am quite having a bit headache now. I was also doing some things offline. I need to do some cleaning and arranging and thanks goodness that I already started it.

Anyway this image was taken as we were boarding a plane from Nuremberg to Rome. The plane was ready for landing. The buildings in Rome were already visible from the airplane window. That is always the reason why I always love to sit near the window so that I can take a breath-taking view outside especially down under. We were about to land in Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, the largest airport in Italy located in Fiumicino about 35 km away from Rome city-center.

taken last summer 2010 while boarding Air Berlin.

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