The Huge Popularity of Devon Cottages

Why is the county of Devon ranked as the top area for tourism every year? Could it be the quaint fishing ports which dot each of the county's coasts?; perhaps it's the fact that there are no less than two vast national parks; is it Devon's top beaches?; or just maybe it is a combination of these and other features. It is highly likely that the mild climate of this part of England should be taken into account, as well.

Ilfracombe seen from Hillsborough (447 feet, 136 metres).

Millions of people head to Devon every year, that is a fact! Devon is reputed to be one of the most beautiful counties in the whole of the UK: with its rolling and very green countryside, sleepy villages and fantastic coastlines - it really does have it all. By far one of the best ways to experience that typical Devonian way-of-life, is to rent yourself Devon cottages for your holiday. However, this does come with a word of warning, as you really will find it very hard to tear yourself away from the property, when the day comes for you to leave!

Of the two coasts, South Devon is probably the most popular. After all, this is where the largest towns and cities are located; the northern coast is still stunning, but the towns are far less populated here. The borough of Torbay attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Paignton, Torquay and Brixham are the three towns that have been amalgamated into this borough and each has its own distinctive charm.

What's more, as we have already said above, if you choose cottages to rent in this part of the UK, you will actually be able to enjoy one of the mildest climates in the country, and hence, this is why Torbay has been affectionately marketed as 'The English Riviera'.

Other great towns to visit on the South Devon coast include Dartmouth, Exmouth, Kingsbridge, Sidmouth, Dawlish Warren and Totnes. All of these towns have an infrastructure that is completely ready to welcome visitors every year and there will always be an excellent choice of Devon cottages to be found in these areas. Moreover, these towns are usually located right beside a truly perfect beach.

The northern coast of Devon is definitely more dramatic: the Atlantic swell does tend to pound this stretch of coast more than in the south. Obviously, this is perfect for people that may be into water sports such as surfing. Some of Devon's top beaches can still be found in North Devon, however, and there are a number of towns and villages that should be included on any sightseeing itinerary.

Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Lynton and Lynmouth are all typical Devonian towns that have more than enough to keep you and your travelling party completely happy for the duration of your holiday.

Devon's interior become increasingly hilly as you travel to its centre. Dartmoor National Park occupies much of the centre of the county and Exmoor National Park can be found in north-east Devon, on the border with Somerset. Both parks are rugged and very beautiful and you cannot leave Devon without having visited one or other of these national parks.

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