View from Our Veranda

I am trying to remember whether I will write porch, patio or terrace.Then, veranda came to my mind. It is also spelled as verandah. This is the view that you can see in our veranda. Isn't it lovely. You see that small wooden nipa hut, it is my Aunt's and sometimes we stay there for lunch or dinner. That coconut tree planted by my beloved Father always bears sweet coco fruits. I miss this scene from our house in my home country, Philippines. It is simply stunning!

blue sky, the sea, coconut trees and simply the nice sunny weather almost everyday! I miss home! taken during my vacation last year.

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Viola said...

What a lovely view from your veranda in Philippines! And that coconut tree your father planted, take good care of it! :) A lovely place to be, I guess.. :)

Have a nice time! :)