Tuesday Etc. 05.17.2011

Let me share my activities and errands today before I sign-off.

-woke-up around 7:30 am
-7:45 a.m. had my tea ceremony while reading the newspaper and at the same time listening to the music on the radio.
-8:30 a.m. tingting butingting in my computer room..i was looking for something but can't find it.
-9:00 a.m. did some assignments online and checked my emails too..need to clean hundreds of it next time.
10:30 a.m. started cooking for lunch and dinner since i have a dentist appointment in the afternoon.
12:00 noon, took my lunch, bit cleaning, threw garbage and wash dishes
13:30 want to print something my printer is out of ink.
14:00 got ready for my dentist appointments, grocery shopping and some errands in the bank
14:30 ready to go
14:45 arrived my destination...went to the bank to pay some bills esp. for our trip to Turkey, went to post office, went to Baywa and Edeka....window shopping while waiting for my dentist appointment.
16:00 dentist appointment
16:30 grocery shopping
17:45 arrived home
18:30 done with dinner and washed dishes
20:30 to 22:30 watched goodbye Deutschland in Vox tv.
22:35 writing some posts in from sites

See how busy I am all the time? I am finally signing-off now..This is enough for me today. Goodnight Europe!

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