Jump for Joy in Bohol, Philippines

February 2010, this was my second visit to the beautiful island of Bohol in central Visayas region in the Philippines. I was jumping for joy because this place is a paradise for me. Imagine a blue sky, sunshine, fine white sand beaches, palm trees and warm weather! This setting is always the dream of a lot of European people especially the Germans and the British.Everything was perfect there during our visit. I always love it there and still wishes to visit this place in the future!

the beautiful beaches in Bohol Beach Club. This was me jumping for joy! I miss this place!

I wish I am lying on the white sand down one of the nipa huts here!
such a beautiful scene! truly a paradise!


Viola said...

What a great place and beach and - what a sporty lady!! :) Sure I understand why you like it there, very lovely indeed!!!! =)

Have a nice time! :)

Admin said...

hello my dear cyberfriend, Viola..happy to see yah here! tc!