Perfect Facebook App for Me as a Blogger and Traveller

Let me tell you this guys. I am not really into third party apps in Facebook but I found a perfect one that is helpful for me as a blogger and traveller. This app is called Halifax Matchmaker Facebook App . I just found it very informative because they offer you most of the tips and information about your dream destination. They also have a lot of services for you as a traveller.

The Holiday Matchmaker Facebook App, created by Halifax Travel Money uses ingenious analysis of your profile to match you up to your ideal destination. Not only that, it’ll then give you top tips on places to eat, drink and visit plus all the exchange rate info for those all important conversions, like how much a pint is! See how helpful this app when you travel?

Halifax Travel Money, are going that extra mile, not just delivering travel money to your door for free, providing 0% foreign exchange and travellers cheques but they are also offering to find your dream destination.

As a blogger and traveller, I truly found this app one of those rare things in Facebook. It is a Facebook application that is genuinely useful and entertaining at the same time” and “really, rather clever”. The app was originally launched by Halifax in June 2010 and was loved by those that used it. For sure, I can always use this app especially in finding my dream travel destination. Thanks to Halifax Holiday Matchmaker! For sure, you will make my travel a more wonderful and memorable one.

Sponsored by Halifax.

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