Budget Holidays- Where to Find It

Spring is finally here! Today is officially the beginning of spring season in Germany. I am quite excited because I will be spending a spring holiday in the French Riviera region. I found some budget holidays last January and I am quite happy and contented after booking one. It will be a six-day trip including the transportation, 3-star hotel accommodation, breakfast, dinner and some tours in the different places in Côte d'Azur or French Riviera.

Here are some tips where to find or book your budget holidays.


This is one of the best way in searching for your next travel or vacation. Whether you are looking for cheap flights, affordable hotels, holiday packages, rental villas, apartments, all you need to do is simply move your mouse and with a click of it, you can already search a lot in the internet.

I remembered my Europe tour with a friend last year. We booked everything in internet and we were lucky to minimize our travel expenses. You know why? We planned it ahead and booked everything earlier. Imagine visiting seven countries in Europe for three weeks? That was a record for me. It was the most interesting and memorable trip that I had so far.

Travel magazines, catalogues and Newspapers

I also found some affordable trips in newspapers and travel magazines. In fact, I found my previous trip to Berlin last month in the newspaper. It was a last-minute trip and was truly very cheap. It was a 3-day trip for 150.00 Euros including the transportation, 3-star hotel and with breakfast. It was not bad and seeing Berlin was a great travel experience for me.

the Reichstag or Parliament in Berlin, Germany. This was taken during my trip last month.

Visiting a Travel Agency

I do this not so often but sometimes it works. Sometimes you are also lucky to find cheap vacation packages, cruise trips and last minute trips in a travel agency. I usually go there to pick-up travel catalogues.

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