The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris

I always love to remember my trip in Paris, France. I had visited this city twice and still did not see everything. One of the sights we visited during my second visit was the The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacre -Coeur Basilica. This architecture is popular landmark of Paris. It is located at the highest point of the city, on Montmartre. We even did not had a chance to go inside this church because we have to catch up the going to Brussels, Belgium. I am happy to see it even from outside.

This post should be done last night but I had a problem with my laptop. I am thankful that it is fixed now. Off for a carnival in the next city. I will you see you again later in the evening.

This image was taken during my second visit in Paris last August 2010.

Sunshine is outside. It is nice to be out again. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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