Valentine's Gift from dear HB

It was exactly Valentines day when I came back from a very long vacation from the Philippines. My husband picked me up at Munich International Airport very early in the morning. The airplane arrived exactly at the airport at around 7:00 AM. I have to wait for around 40 minutes to get my luggage. At the arrival area, dear HB was already waiting since 6:00 AM, he told me. I was touched as he approached me and hugged me with tears in his eyes caused by joy and happiness because I am safely back. I was also surprised as he handed me a rose and some chocolates as Valentine gifts.

He is truly a very good and thoughtful man. I was not really expecting a gift from him because I even forgot that it was Valentines day. I just had one wish for next month. I want to surf for cheap treadmills. I guess I need one so that I can exercise at home without the worry of walking and jogging outside especially during cold winter time. I am happy that it is not so cold now compared to the first days I arrived in Germany. I hope that the weather will be better soon because I already bought some plants getting ready to be planted in the spring time. I love this season of the year. How about you?

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