Ruby and Nonna Visiting Wuerzburg, Germany

I am quite tired after waking up earlier this morning. I had a day-out with friends and it was quite a wonderful day for all of us. I believed everyone was happy and contented of what they brought home today. After I showed to hubby what I brought home with me, he just smiled and said that those stuffs are fine and nice. He is happy when his wife is also happy.

Back to the main topic; I have here images taken during my second visit to Würzburg (written in English as Wuerzburg). It is a city located in the state of Bavaria, Germany. Me and Nonna had a wonderful time during our trips last summer 2010...right Non?

I need to sign-off now. My eyes really want to close now. More updates tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys!

the Alte Mainbrücke, called in English as the Old Main Bridge. It was built 1473–1543 to replace the destroyed Romanesque bridge from 1133. It was adorned from 1730 on in two phases with well-known statues of saints and famous persons. A similar impressive bridge is the Charles Bridge in Prague. I was there too in 2008.

Me and Nonna striking a pose on the Old Main Bridge. You can see one statue in our background. There are a lot of these on the sides of the bridge.

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