Chocolates for You for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
May the true spirit of Valentine celebration be with you all.

Here are some heart-shaped chocolates to all of you!

I went down to check something in the kitchen last night. I was surprised seeing red tulips and chocolates with loving notes on the table.I love Milka and Mon Cheri too! lol! It is a heart shaped Milka this time and red red mon cheri.....simple presents but I was touched by hubby's thoughtfulness....Vielen Dank mein Schatz für alles..Ich liebe dich auch!

Thank you for all your love and goodness to me. You are such a gift and blessing. I can't thank God enough for that!

p.s...sad to say, I forgot to take pictures of those stuffs...might post it in a couple of days.

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