Top 3 Jewellery on My Winter Sale Shopping List

It is time to go shopping again. Winter sale is everywhere in Europe. This is one of the best time of the year to go shopping. Yesterday, as we went shopping, my friend was very lucky to find a very cheap winter boots. Imagine it cost 150.00 Euros and she bought it for 19.00 Euros. What a super-saving buy. That is almost 90 percent cheaper. Items like shoes, Christmas decors, winter clothes, jewellery, watches, books, perfumes, almost everything are just on sale now.

I have a special wish for this year's winter sale. I want to have one or two of these top 3 jewellery on my winter sale shopping list.

Swarovski are very famous for their enchanting Crystals. I have known this company for some years now. I am always fascinated with their Crystals. One of my friends is collecting their beautiful Crystals. The first time I bought a Swarovski jewellery was sometimes in 2005 and I am quite happy with it.

Swarovski have quite a very innovative technology making their products always on top of fashion, design and architecture with impressing qualities of Crystal. Their jewellery are simply luxurious and fashionable.

Swatch products are widely known all over the world. That is also the reason why I went to the the place where these world-famous watches are made. It was an interesting trip we had in Zurich, Switzerland last December 2010.

Swatch s products are simply gorgeous. You can find beautifully designed watches and jewellery in Stainless Steel combined with materials like Enamels and sparkling Crystals, and yes, I love especially the colourful and uniquely shaped Bijoux collections.

Last but not the least on my list are the fabulous collections of a famous Parisian designer Nina Ricci. Since its conception in the 1930's, its business continue to grow until these days. Nina Ricci has lauched world-famous perfume and adding to its pruducts are its elegant and fashionable jewellery collections from Sterling Silver to Semi-Precious stones.

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