Happy New Year 2011

Another year is finally here! I also hope that your first weekend of 2011 went all fine. I had a wonderful one and I am thankful about it. I also hope that your 2010 was a good one. I am very grateful for the year 2010. There were a lot of good things and happenings that happened during the past year in my life and I would say it was a great year for me. There might be some trials and problems along the way but we were able to handle everything. As the saying goes, "God won't give us crosses that we cannot carry", are the very inspiring words which helped me conquered all the adversities in life.

I can only say, thank you so much Lord for all the wonderful things and all the blessings and graces you had showered unto me and my family all those years. I always hope and pray that this year will be another successful year for all of us...a year full of blessings, enthusiasm, peace, love and happiness. Please give us O Lord, good health always and all the strenght and determination to face whatever trials and problems we might encounter along the way. Lastly, thank you dear Lord for the gift of life and the gifts of family and friends. These are truly the most valuable and priceless gifts you had given unto us.

I wish everyone a blessed, bountiful and prosperous New Year 2011! God bless us all!

I can't wait to see these tulips again in our garden. Three months more to go! a wonder how these flowers always keep on coming back every year!

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