2013 Budget Plan

Let's talk about finance and accounting this time. I guess it is not too difficult for me to discuss about this topic being a former banker who was also providing merchant services as part of my duties before at the bank. It was quite an interesting job and I miss it sometimes.

Me and hubby have been making our budget plan for this year. There are financial decisions that we made last week and I believed, it is the best thing we did. We also agreed that we don't used anymore debit card whenever we go shopping. It is better to use cash to control the flow of money. We put a certain budget each week for grocery items, gas for our cars and other miscellaneous items.

And yes, we also have debts but it is not really that bad because we already paid the most of it. We hope to have a debt reduction in the coming days because we decided to pay the two little debts we have. Thus, we will be decreasing the interest that we are paying every month. I am also trying my best to control my shopping and only do so when needed.

Just like you, we want financial freedom. Having one is living a quite peaceful and stress-free life. Only spend what you can afford. Take into consideration your income versus expenses. Don't spend more than you earn. I believed we will be better with our 2013 budget plan. I hope you too!

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