Winter Chaos in Germany

It has been snowing so hard this afternoon and until now. As I tried to look at the window, everything is just white. I heard over the radio that the snow will reach around 1 foot high on the ground and the temperature will range from negative 2 to -14 in Germany.

This is the first heavy snow that came very early this year. I remember last year that it was not so heavy like this now. This is such a winter chaos at the moment. I also heard over the radio that most of the flights in Germany, England and other countries in Europe are cancelled due to the heavy snow. There are also heavy traffics in German highways because of this. I hope that those who are still driving home will reach their homes safely.

The heavy snow started last Monday. Yesterday, we had a sunny weather but the snow are still there. Now, it is still snowing outside. Keep warm and safe especially to all my friends out there.

an image I took last Monday from our snowy place in Bavaria, Germany.

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