Travel Wishlist 2011

It is almost midnight again. I should be sleeping right now but wish to finish this post to share about my travel wishlist 2011 to England. This afternoon, I received a call from a friend and we were talking about vacation. She already planned to take a vacation in the Philippines next year. She wants to see more places in this country and is currently looking for holiday lets for her to stay. Comprising of around 7,107 islands, a three weeks vacation in the Philippines is not enough to see everything. At least, she already planned for her vacation. I am happy for her.

I also have some plans for next year. In fact, a lot of plans and I will be happy and contented if most of these will be materialized. Just last week, we received again another travel catalogue for next year. There are a lot of interesting places to see especially in Europe. One of my travel wishlist include England again. I had been to this country last 2007 but then, a three weeks holiday is still not enough to see all. This time, I wish to visit Cornwall and want to stay in one of the Cornwall cottages especially near the beach. Cornwall is well-known for its beaches and rugged coastline which reminds me back home.

The Victoria Memorial was created by sculptor Sir Thomas Brock in 1911 and erected in front of the main gates at Buckingham Palace on a surround constructed by architect Sir Aston Webb. This was taken during my visit in England last 2007.
I read somewhere that Cornwall is one of the poorest areas in the United Kingdom and its economy depends heavily on tourism. This place is also full of history back to the Roman and post Roman periods. Since it has also a lot of interesting sights to visit, I guess seeing this place is quite an interesting experience. Cornwall's north coast is also known as a centre for surfing. Lastly, if this travel wishlist of mine will be materialized, I will for sure try to taste its local delicacies which include seafood of any kinds, pasties (delicious dish made with pastry) or maybe try the Cornish fudge or ice cream. What else can you recommend?

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