The Old Tractor

I guess it is my first time to share an image of a tractor here. We just happened to pass-by this tractor when me and hubby went walking last September around our place. I find it interesting because of its red color. I immediately took out the digicam out of my pocket and took picture of it.

I believed most of you know what is tractor for. It is a farm vehicle equipment with low speed used for hauling a trailer or as machinery used in construction or agriculture. My father who is a farmer would love to see this vehicle for sure!

love this red tractor! If I am not mistaken, this old tractor will be used as a display for an Oldtimer gathering. I just noticed the red plate number on it, which means that it will be used temporarily.

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dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

I love this tractor photo. This machinery is very common back in the province where I came from...