Hello November, Goodbye October

Happy Monday everyone and hello November because October is over! This is a scheduled post and I might be boarding in ICE train heading to Frankfurt right now. I will be having a short trip, meeting some friends and touring them around the nearby cities in Frankfurt.

I will try to give you some updates when I can. For sure, I will have time to check stuffs online when I have enough time because I bring with me my small netbook. Good to know, the hotel we will be staying has an internet connection and WI-FI.

Hubby will be left home again. He had been telling me today that he will surely miss his Frau. Thanks to hubby for always being such a wonderful, lovable and understanding husband.

I have some tulips for you as a greetings for a better and great month of November.

taken last apring April 2010 in our garden. hope to see them again next spring time.

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Viola said...

Gorgeous photo my friend! I like it very much! :) Thanks for your comments! :)