Monday Etc.

I just watched a German TV program. It was an interesting story. Thanks goodness that I already understand German language if not I will surely have difficulties in understanding the story. It is a part of my integration in this country and I love it.

So, what's up with my Monday? I was out again almost the whole afternoon meeting friends. As I arrived home, I immediately prepared some veggies salad and some WeiƟwurst, a kind of German sausage. We also ate the food that I brought home from a friend. It was a nice day and I am happy for it.

I need to stay home tomorrow to do some household chores. Goodnight to all and here are some tulips from our garden.

the tulip flowers taken last April in our garden.


Viola said...

Are you really still having tulips?! How wonderful they are, a beautiful garden!! :) I'm glad you had a nice day! :)

Viola said...

Oh yes, I can see that now.. :) taken in April.. But anyway- they are beautiful!! ;) Have a good night from me my friend! :)

Nortehanon said...

Those are lovely tulips. Hope tulips can also grow just about anywhere here in Pinas hehehe.

Miss N of