The Bridge in Regensburg

This is a bridge in Regensburg, a city in the state of Bavaria, Germany. I was browsing online what is the particular name of this bridge but sad to say, I can't find it.


aroth said...

Hi, Ruby---this is Art from Utah. I have answeered a couple of questions for you before. I do like a challenge and this one was definitely a real challenge!! It was almost as hard as when I figured out that a little 3 wheel red car that you posted was an Isetta, a 1957 model as I recall. Well, this bridge is the Donaubrucke Schwabelweis in Regensburg. You can read about it by clicking Since this is a German site and I don't speak or read German this was really fun. Keep up the good work on your blogs. I really enjoy them. And by the way, I am using my ex-wifes google account to post this comment. Well, until next time, I hope all is good with you and your family. Art

Admin said...

Hi Art, thanks again for the info..ur great! hope all is great with