Souvenir Shop in Dinant, Belgium

Are you familiar with Dinant? It is not a name of a person or thing but a name of a beautiful municipality located on the River Meuse in the Belgian province of Namur, Belgium. It is one of the places where we stopped-by during our trip to Luxembourg last August 2010.

I have an experience from Dinant to share here which is related to the image below. This souvenir shop was the store where I bought some souvenirs . I did not noticed that it is already time to go back to the bus heading to Luxembourg. I was busy shopping for souvenirs and was the reason why I was late in going back . I am quite ashamed for that because the other tourists in the bus were all looking for me. lol!

The lesson I learned; always go earlier back earlier to avoid delay..

a souvenir shop in Dinant, Belgium. It is located near the the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame.

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