Ratatouille In The House

Hey folks, I am back here again for some updates. I am just not happy because at this moment we have an alien in the house. It sounds not good but it just made me feel bad. I mean alien that is not coming from outer space like you see in E.T. movie but we have a ratatouille inside the house.Hubby said that this is the time of the year that the mice and rats are coming inside the house because it is slowly getting cold again. Autumn is almost here and the weather is really getting very cold especially during the night.

How did we knew that we have a mouse inside the house? I heard some scratches last Tuesday night and asked hubby what it was. He told me that it might be a mouse. Finally, I saw one running in the house yesterday. It is a small one and we hope that we will catch it with the traps that we put inside the house.

I would like to remind you that especially when the cold Autumn time is coming, you better close your entrance door all the time. I believed, I let the door opened one time as I was working in the garden last Monday. That was the chance when the mouse got inside our house. It is not a fun catching a ratatouille inside the house. I hope we will catch it soon!

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