Gray and Rainy Weather in Paris, France

Good evening folks! The busy day is finally over and maybe tomorrow again. We did a lot of things today in the house. Hubby did some finishing on our windows and I started to clean our garden with dried leaves and some other things.

I am also sharing a bit about our little Europe tour last month. One of the cities we visited in Europe is Paris, France. This is already the second time I visited this city. I thought, we will have a nice weather during our visit because it was still summer that time but sad to say, the weather was so gray and rainy. Take a look at the image I took during our visit. I can't imagine that my shoes was overall wet that time. Despite of the bad weather, me and my friend from the U.S. still enjoyed it.
the gray and rainy weather during our visit in Paris last month of August 2010. You can see the famous landmark of Paris, Eiffel tower with a gray sky.


Viola said...

Beautiful! The top of the Eifel Tower is up in the misty clouds ;) I've been there once, up in the tower, to the very top 3rd floor. I got dizzy of the height! Did you go up in the tower?

Admin said...

Hi Viola, we do not have the chance to up, it was raining so hard and we do not have enough time..probably next time again,,thanks for the visit my friend..take care!