Red Roses and Yellow Pansies in Our Garden

We are in the first week of August now! anf what's our weather today? rain, sunshine, raindrops, sunshine! It is not so hot right now because of the rainy day we have. The plants and flowers in our garden are smiling again. Here are some red roses and yellow pansies or violas fresh from our garden. I wish you all a great week and a wonderful month of August!
Yellow pansies, also called as Viola flowers are some of flowers in our garden.
You can see some lavenders and red roses too! and yes, that is the castle tower just located near our garden.
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Nora Johnson said...

What beautiful pansies in yr beautiful garden - and so near a castle!
Happy Ruby Tuesday,


btw Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can stop by.

Carletta said...

The red and purple together make a striking combination!
Castle tower? So intriguing.

(Round The Bend)

reg said...

Your garden is beautiful with the Red Roses, and Pansies

LC said...

How wonderful to be so close to a castle... talk about a fantastic view... wow! Larry

Linnea W said...

Yellow flowers always brighten up a garden...your garden is very pretty, by the way!

Liza said...

Beautiful flowers. :)

Manang Kim said...

I already started to pick some of my pansies to put it in my homemade greeting card or any kind of crafting. Happy Tuesday!

Ruby Tuesday

Malin said...

Gorgeous flowers.

charmie said...

this is pretty flowers:)

mine is up here

Denise said...

So many beautiful flowers in your garden, very enjoyable photos, thank you.
An English Girl Rambles

cHe said...

beautiful flowers u got here:)