Diamonds Are Forever

I am back in the blogosphere! Actually I am only partially back here. My friend will be leaving back to the U.S. this coming weekend and we still have some days left to show her around. Back to my main topic; I can't exactly remember now if the title of my post here is also a title of a song. Any idea out there?

I believed most women would love to have a diamond ring especially during their engagement period. Am I right? I just heard this week from a friend that she also want the same. I just read online that there are some sort of lab grown diamonds. What kind of diamonds are these? These are the rare fancy colored diamonds which are alternatives to extremely expensive color natural diamonds. I also read that famous producers of these kind of diamonds are Apollo, New Age and Gemesis. It is very interesting to see fancy color diamonds from yellow to orange, cognac, green, red and blue. If you want to know more about these kind of diamonds, feel free to visit or simply click the link here.

Lastly, I might be backed fully to the blogging world next week. See you guys!

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